What to Expect on Your First Visit?

All treatment in our office begins with a diagnostic examination.  Before an examination can take place there is some information that we need to acquire in order to provide you with a thorough and efficient consultation. 

This information includes a referral slip that in most cases is provided by your referring dentist.  This referral is often given to the patient to bring with them to their appointment or in some cases faxed, mailed, or emailed to our office by your referring dentist.  Personal and medical history forms can either be filled out using this website for your convenience or in person at your initial visit.

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

At your consultation appointment, all information provided will be reviewed with you by Dr. Eichenberger, Dr. Kramp or Dr. Nasry and an examination will be completed.  This will include a digital radiograph(s) of your tooth or teeth and a discussion of treatment options. 

Some patients will have radiographs that will be sent with them or sent directly to our office by their referring dentist.  In most cases, we will take an additional digital radiograph for our records in order to provide you with the complete diagnostic data necessary to make an objective diagnosis and provide you with treatment options.  Radiographs in our office are included in our consultation fee.

In some cases, consultation visits and treatment appointments can be combined so as to minimize visits for the patient.  This is usually the case when a patient is in discomfort and we have been asked to see you on an emergency basis. 

If your referring dentist is confident that endodontic treatment is required to save your tooth and you are comfortable with doing so, a combined appointment may be available.

The perception of endodontic therapy being painful began decades ago.  With advancements in technologies and anesthetics, endodontic therapy today is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed. 

In fact, a recent survey found that patients who have undergone endodontic therapy are six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who have not had endodontic therapy.

IMPORTANT: A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under 18 at the consultation visit.

Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern prior to treatment (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial cardiac valves and joints, previous infective Endocarditis, Congenital Heart Disease, etc.) or if you are on any medication (i.e. heart medications, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, etc.) or require medication prior to dental cleanings (i.e antibiotics, for pre-med.)

Your comfort throughout all phases of treatment is our primary goal.  If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our office day or night. Contact us here.

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